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So here’s the thing, Olivia Pope is my new Goddess. The woman the fiercest motherfucker you ever did meet, and I love her in ways one should not necessarily love a fictional character. I simply cannot fight my feelings any longer, while I have not yet seen the season 2 finale of Scandal (though I’m sure it will be as rage inducing as ever), one thing I can guarantee is that nothing will ease the magnificence of Olivia Pope’s (and Kerry Washington’s) presence on my TV.

On the list of Top 379,256+ reasons why I love Olivia Pope, her fashion sense holds a high spot, it might not top her epic side eye or that time she schooled a character so hard she did it backwards, but it’s still within the Top 100 on the list of things that make Olivia Pope Better Than You.

If you ever thought pant suits didn’t look good, you never will again. The woman has more impeccably tailored suits than any mere mortal could ever acquire, and don’t even get me started on the dress wearing. When Olivia Pope wears a dress, she makes every other person who ever put on a dress look like they’re wearing a year old potato sack. Not even a designer one at that, just a sad paper bag that school lunches come in.

Ever since Olivia Pope in this dress entered my life, I have wanted to buy the plus size equivalent of it just so I can serve up some Gladiator realness in my own life.

That is why, I am going to start chronicling some of The Lady Pope’s most fabulous outfits, and how to transfer some of that effortless fierceness into the plus size ladies wardrobe. If there’s one thing more of us need in our lives, it’s that Olivia Pope kind of fabulous.

According to InStyle (which I found via Scandal Moments) this particular dress is a Michael Kors, but despite having an occasionally fantastic plus size line, I could not find anything in Kors plus line that served up this level of fierce and feminine.

The bright side, however, is that unlike Queen Olivia, most of us everyday citizens don’t have a limitless supply of gold unicorn hair and speeches to afford the kind of lavish wardrobe befitting royalty. So asos’s Raspberry version of the dress, currently at $40 CAD, will just have to do. I’m sure my wallet appreciates Kors overlooking more than I do.

I am going to attempt to do at least one Olivia Pope’s Fashion Sense Is Bigger Than All Of Us a week, probably more than that for the first couple of weeks, while I’m still basking in the light of her highness and her closet. The future one’s will be much more in depth, I’ll try to find more than one likeness for the discerning plus size Scandal fans, and match accessories and shoes, but for now this simple, unadorned  barefoot look will have to do.

With any luck, I might just be able to recreate my own wardrobe that screams "Bow down to your Majesty".

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